Kate & Dynah -Equine Portrait Session

I met Kate recently while photographing a local horse show at Upper Pond Stables where she manages the barn. She messaged me the following day asking if I would be able to photograph her with her mare Dynah, who is 30 years old (she doesn’t look it!) Kate shared with me that Dynah had recently given her a health scare and it was important to her that we do photos sooner than later (although she is doing great.) Kate is a very busy girl working two jobs and attending college as a nursing student, but we made it happen! I asked her to share a little bit about their story together and this is what she wrote…“I started leasing Dynah when she was 18 and have now owned her for 7 years. I showed her in some local dressage shows where we successfully earned our bronze metal together. I learned real quick how to stick in the saddle, she loves to run! She is very sweet, but also very stubborn, and has taught me so much about patience which is something that she has helped me with the most. I have been through a lot with her and she has always been there when I just needed to talk. I have cried many tears with her by my side, and without her, I would not be who I am today! She is my heart horse, and will never be forgotten.”After spending a short time with these two it was clear to me that they share a very strong bond, a connection that was beautiful to capture. I look forward to photographing them together again soon, making sure she has lots of photographic memories of her heart horse to cherish.

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