It’s in these instants that our lives’ stories are most intimately told. They might be simple in the moment, but like Dr. Seuss say, “Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” Because the most beautiful stories aren’t the ones you’ll read in books or see on TV, they’re the ones unfolding all around you in the life you love! 

After spending years honing my craft with a storytelling passion, my heart leaps when I recall so many unique stories and the people I have met through my lens. Stories are most sincere when narrated, not staged. So while we’ll discuss details ahead of your session and I guide you into the most radiant light, I prefer to then step back and let you and your loved ones interact naturally. Doing so gives you the space to enjoy being together, and it lets me capture those moments of love and laughter that happen best all on their own. Like a son giving his mom a hug, a young rider sneaking kisses on her pony’s velvety nose, or three brothers bursting into giggles when I ask them to look at each other.


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"Your most important gear
is your eye, heart, and soul." ~Marius Vieth


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