As an equestrian myself, I personally understand the honest grace of the horse and the unique bonds we share with them. It is what inspires me most as a photographer and is truly where my heart is. My equine knowledge and passion for photography helps me to create a truly personal experience with you and your horse (or horses)! Hiring a professional equine photographer will result in stunning images of your horse you have only dreamed of capturing. 


Jennifer Bechard Photography specializes in customized equine portrait sessions, where I bring an understanding and appreciation for working with these magnificent animals. Whether you desire a striking fine art portrait session for your horse alone or a lifestyle session that authentically captures the bond you share, I am here to fulfill your vision. With both photographic expertise and years of experience in the equine industry, I am uniquely equipped to create a relaxed and personalized experience that celebrates the beauty and connection between you and your equine companion.


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Jennifer Bechard Photography offers black background fine art sessions,  showing off the detailed beauty of your equine partner. These sessions are done in your barn isle using only natural light, no fancy backdrop. These work best when your horse is able to stand square and quiet, looking fancy and show ready, and can include multiple horses or even your other pets. Your full fine art session will include multiple poses and all angles of your horse, the detail work is accomplished behind the scenes making them literally pop off the background. There is nothing more beautiful than your horse as a piece of art. 

Black Background SESSIONS

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