As an equestrian myself, I personally understand and the honest grace of the horse and the unique bonds we share with them. It is what inpires me most as a photographer and it is truly where my heart is. My equine knowledge and passion for photography helps me to create a truly personal experience with you and your horse (or horses)! Hiring a professional equine photographer will result in stunning images of your horse you have only dreamed of capturing. 


Jennifer Bechard Photography offers customized equine portraits sessions and I understand what it takes to work and interact with these incredible animals. Have your horse photographed alone in a stunning fine art portrait session or let me photograph a lifestyle session that captures the purity of the relationship you both share. I not only have the skill to photograph you and your horse in the most beautiful light, I also have years of experience in the equine industry making me equipped with the knowledge and ability to deliver a truly relaxed and personal experience for you and your equine partner. 


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