Maine’s 24th Annual Sleigh Day at Skyline Farm

Maine’s 24th Annual Sleigh Day event at Skyline Farm in North Yarmouth, Maine was held today. Nestled in the heart of the village center, Skyline Farm is a historic gem of 54 acres of pristine fields and woods, preserving the town’s rich agricultural heritage.

Today’s event celebrated the farm’s rich history and offered a mix of activities, both outdoors and in their sleigh museum. Visitors were also treated to horse-drawn sleigh rides provided by Aaron and Alice Boyce from Pineglenn Farm in North Anson, along with their spotted draft team “Shay & Tiny”. The rhythmic jingle of sleigh bells and the crisp winter air created a charming scene.

I even had the pleasure of riding with Norma Larocque on a two-person horse-drawn sleigh for the first time, connecting with the farm’s rich equestrian history. The warmth of the community, the support of the volunteers, and the enthusiasm for sleighing and horses were evident. It was a gorgeous winter day to enjoy the outdoors and an awesome experience with wonderful people!

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