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Fire & Ice Icelandic Horses LLC, located in Limington, Maine is owned and operated by Nikkisue & Alicia Flanigan. I had the pleasure of photographing some of the goings on around the farm for their brand new website Alicia and her Mom absolutely adore their horses and the love and care they give them is amazing to witness. Alicia is only 17, but is very mature and has traveled back and forth to Iceland 5 times, fully immersing herself into the Icelandic culture making her a true professional in the Icelandic horse industry. She is a professional horse trainer, and a strong competitor showing and training the Icelandic breed. She loves competing and has competed in Icelandic horse shows all over the U.S. as well as Holland, Sweden and Iceland. I had so much fun spending time on their farm and I can’t wait to go back!  

Nikkisue & Alicia Flanigan posing in the aisle of their barn, Fire & Ice Icelandic Horses.
Alicia Flanigan stands with her Icelandic horse, Funi, in the doorway of her hay barn.
Alicia Flanigan at home with her boys, Funi & Fleygur!
Icelandic Horses
Funi & Fleygur sharing a sweet moment together.
Alicia Flanigan tolting on Fleygur up her road.
Alicia schooling her 13 year old Icelandic, “Fleygur”. Shown here is a leg-yield on a circle. Such a beautiful dance!
Leg yield on a circle.
Alicia schooling her horse Fleygur in her ring at home.
Alicia Flanigan and her Icelandic horse, Fleygur, after their ride.
Skella & Gigja patiently waiting for the sun to break through.
Fleygur in his pasture right before the thunderstorm rolled in.
Alicia walking the two years olds out to graze.
Funi & Fleygur showing off their fancy Eques bridles.
Fleygur sporting his new Eques bridle and Fager bit…I love the bling bling!
Alicia takes a quick Nocco break in between her rides.
Some of Alicia’s medals showing Icelandic horses.

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